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iPhone glass repair

iPhone glass repair and IPhone screen repair in Kiev

Sooner or later, almost every owner of an Apple smartphone searches the iPhone glass repair. Despite the high quality and compliance with the high demands of users of Apple gadgets, sometimes happens that your gadget can not work without changing the glass on the iPhone, because it can easily break. No one is insured from this unpleasant surprise. Even an insignificant fall to the floor in your house, apartment or office can seriously injure iPhone and require the repair of the iPhone display.

Where to change the glass on the iPhone in Kiev?

If You need iPhone glass repair or iPhone glass replacement.

iPhone glass repair Kiev quiklyIn Kiev, almost any service, can replace the glass on the iPhone. But not every service center carries out repairs on own high-quality equipment. By entrusting the repair or replacement of the screen of your iPhone to us, you will get repair professionally and quickly. Our iPhone Repair Service has several point where You can hand over the phone for repair. You can get Your iPhone’s glass repair on any actual model of iPhone starting from iPhone 4g till iPhone X actually.

How much does it cost to repair the iPhone screen?

Mobile phone’s glass, if dropped, is prone to cracks and damage. The smartphone from Apple is not an exception. With such a breakdown it is not very convenient and practical to use. Sometimes the glass is broken so much that it makes impossible to use mobile phone at all. Now it is possible to replace the glass on the iPhone separately, if glass is brokaen and the touchscreen still working. In some services procedure of restoring iPhone screen with broken glass is unavailable and it is offered to replace iPhone screen assembly. It’s not best decision if You have originall screen on Your iPhone. If it is possible — it’s better to repair/replace the broken glass separately. If iPhone touchscreen doesn’t work properly the only decision is to replace display assembly. Now price for iPhone glass repair starts from 700 Hryvnas for modern models.

How to protect the display and the glass on iPhone?

No one wants to reapir his mobile phone often. There are several decisions to prolong the life of the new part and protect yourself from unnatural replacement of glass or other parts:

- special tempered protective glass. It looks almost like a protective film, but it has a several advantages. Due to the thickness of 0.3 mm or 0.6 mm when it hits — it takes a hit on itself and cracks. Most often the screen of the smartphone remains intact and You need only to replace protective glass which is fast and cheap comparing with screen or touchscreen glass replacement. You can stick a protective glass in our service;
- protective case. Adds a smartphone of weight and new unusual appearance, but when dropped, it absorbs the shock and dissipates it, allowing all components to remain unharmed, including the glass, which will allow repairing the iPhone not so often.

What warranty is provided for the replaced iPhone glass?

iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, SE, SE 2, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X screen replacement in Kiev quicklyi7phone service provides warranty on repairs and services from 1 month till 24 months. We are dealing only with the best parts suppliers, the details installed in your iPhone are checked by our quality control department. If there’re any malfunctions, defect or other inconvenience during the warranty period, we will replace the part for a new one for free of or return 100% of the paid amount. The only exception is when detail is broken again or used to be in water.

How can I use the iPhone repair service?

Perhaps you read the article out of interest, and, perhaps, you have any trouble with cellular phone. If You need to repair glass (or any other detail malfunction) on iPhone or othe device — You can come to our repair centre in Kiev and get free iPhone diagnostics if it is needed and to get iPhone repair as soon as possible. Urgently iPhone screen and glass repair takes from 15 minutes! We have own storage of original spare parts in stock for all actual models of iPhone and iPad. So if You broke glass on the iPhone, in our service You can drink a cup of tea and by that time You get Your iPhone’s glass or sreen repaired. If You have any questions You can:

call our contact center +38(063)2293386
Send a request for a call back — using contact form
visit one of our service centers using contacts

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